Liquids Handling

The Liquids Division of Team Shick will dive in to design a quality system and provide a single source for all of your Liquid Processing needs.

Sanitary Design

CIP (Clean-In-Place) Skids - Cleaning systems specifically engineered for the customer's particular needs and requirements. Designed to handle the full clean-in-place demands of all types of CIP'able equipment.
Metering and Dosing Systems - Specifically engineered systems for precise metering/dosing of all types of food ingredients and additives.
Cream Yeast Systems
- Complete engineering and design of cream yeast storage and delivery systems, including CIP capabilities and fully integrated metering and inventory control.
Slurry Systems - Engineered mixing and delivery systems utilizing a variety of technologies to provide a reliable system for all types of liquid mixing and blending requirements.
Liquid Fermentation Systems/(Liquid Brew Systems) - Design and implementation of the entire system from raw ingredient handling to the liquid blender, through fermentation and chilling, to cold storage and metered delivery.

Process Design

Bulk Liquid Storage and Delivery - Liquid storage tanks available in a range of materials, sizes, and options to fit individual customer's bulk storage needs. Available with fully integrated liquid receiving and distribution systems.
Tote Systems - Heavy duty, stainless steel, space saving, intermediate bulk container (IBC) storage and use systems with self-contained surge vessels, pumps, level detectors, and gauges. All available in sanitary design to be cleaned as required.
Water Blending Systems
- The AquaMixer provides precise and quick two or three stream water blending with a variety of local or remote control and batching options.
Shick USA Metering and Dosing Systems

Shick USA Liquid Fermentation Systems/(Liquid Brew Systems)

Shick USA Bulk Liquid Storage and Delivery