Multi-Pollutant Sorbent Injection

Shick is a pioneer in the activated carbon injection (ACI) process for mercury removal in flue gas streams since our first installation in 1997.  Shick has engineered, manufactured, and installed convey systems for various FGD applications, including PAC, Trona, sodium bicarbonate, limestone, and hydrated lime.  Our systems include self-contained, factory assembled and tested, skid mounted designs within bulk storage silos. We also offer bulk bag unloading systems configured to either discharge sorbent as a bulk solid or slurry for smaller volume systems.
Services include CFD modeling, custom PLC programming and DCS interface, and injection manifold/lances.

Our Experience

  • Design and installation of 21 systems with 54 complete ACI feeder trains

Our Designs

  • PacBox a self-contained, factory assembled and tested, ACI Injection System
    • 6 Configurations of PacBox
  • StackBox (systems-in-a-can) designed to meet most ACI System requirements
    • 8 Configurations of StackBox
  • Patent Pending PacJet Self-Cleaning ACI Injection Lances
    • PacJet can be serviced, mechanically cleaned and removed from outside of the ductwork
    • PacJet is the only self-cleaning lance in the Industry
    • PacJet designs include self-diagnostics to each lance to further enhance performance